Math-Ventures - Mathematics in Real-Life

This section of my homepage is dedicated to various maths problems that I encountered in real-life or thought about them myself and managed to solve. I have a couple of others which I’m still pondering, and I may add a page with their description some time later.

In any case, here goes:

Combinatorics and the Art of Dungeons and Dragons

Throw 4 dice, ignore the die with the lowest number, and sum the 3 remaining numbers. What is the average of such throw?

You can also find the old ASCII Art page of this puzzle.

On and on, it Seems to Go...

A digital code is transmitted continuously so that its last digit is immediately followed by the first digit of the next iteration. Since its start cannot be determined: how many possible codes of a certain length exist?

What’s the Volume of a Dodecahedron?

How I calculated the volume of a dodecahedron - a perfect body with 12 sides, each with a shape of a perfect pentagon.

A Solidarian Disco Circle

When is it possible to have a disco circle in which every boy dances with every girl exactly once?

Toggling Squares is not that Trivial...

How a Java puzzle I encountered on the web, triggered me and its creator into a full mathematical analysis of it.

Bugs in a Square

My own solution to a rather famous problem of four bugs that follow each other. Uses MathML - you can also see the old ASCII-Art page

What is this Sequence?

4, 8, 7, 5, 10, 11 - what is this sequence?

Two Gates and Two Angels - with a Twist

A variation on the famous riddles of the two gates guarded by two angels.