Shlomi Fish’s Art - Better SCM Logo

Written at: 29-Nov-2005

The “Better SCM” Site Logo

I wanted to create a suitable logo image for the Better SCM Site, which I created and still maintain. Now “SCM” stands for “Source Configuration Management” which encompasses the term “Version Control”, which is a methodology used by programmers and other developers to maintain the history of their source code.

So my idea was to create three file icons with different letters inside them (indicating different versions), and connected using three arrows. I wanted to create it in Inkscape (an open-source, cross-platform, vector graphics editor). Thinking about the file icons, I thought the small arcs in the file icons’ top-right corners should also be coloured in a certain colour, to make the logo look more lively. This led me to the conclusion that I should better design the file icon myself.

That is what I did, and I started drawing vertical and horizontal lines using Inkscape’s grid feature. I eventually had a working file icon. I coloured its arc in light green, placed the letter “A” inside it. Then I copied it, and created a “B” icon and then a “C” icon - all with different colours.

Next I wanted to find an arrow. I searched for one in the Open Clip Art, a Public Domain repository of SVG images, and eventually found a suitable arrow. I quickly incorporated it into the image.

The “Better” and “SCM” letters were drawn with the “Better” in black in the font “Blue Highway”, and the “SCM” in the font “Crillee”. I made the “SCM” translucent to enable seeing the “Better” below it.

The Inkscape SVG source of the logo may be instructive for further investigation or building upon this effort. Just note that the fonts used there may be have a restrictive license.