Shlomi Fish’s Art- “Made with Latemp”

Written at: 02-Jun-2006

Made with Latemp - Large Version

This is a button I made for use with sites created using the Latemp content-management system. It was created using Inkscape, a cross-platform vector-graphics package (which I ran on Linux).

The design is really simple - a big Latemp logo with the font Crilee, with a nice gradient within a white background and a text saying “Made With” of a Sans-Serif font on a blue background on top.

I had to use a sans-serif font for the top inscription, because the serif fonts I tried did not scale well to small resolutions, which were needed by a decently sized button.

One task that required some effort were the rounded corners. To have them I needed to merge (Inkscape’s Path Union operation) a rounded-corner rectangle, with a shorter (but equally as wide) rectangle positioned at the bottom.

I’m pretty happy with the results, even though it did not require too much effort.