Shlomi Fish’s Original Graphical Artworks

I dedicate this section to the various pieces of computer graphics I designed , photographs I took and published here, and computerised music which I created. I will explain how I created the graphic art, so you can shamelessly duplicate my efforts and create similar art.


Back to my Homepage

Back to my Homepage (Like Back to the Future)

A “Back to my Homepage” image, many of them were common in ye olde web, but this time modelled like the logo of the movie Back to the Future.

Back to my Homepage - Second Version Using Inkscape

Back to my Homepage Logo Second Version Using Inkscape

Second version of the “Back to my Homepage” logo resembling the logo of the film Back to the Future. This time it was done using the open-source Inkscape vector-graphics editor and some scripts.

Linux Slogan

Linux - Because software problems should not cost money

A funny Linux Slogan - Linux - Because software problems should not cost money. rendered into a nice design.

Made with Latemp

Made with Latemp

A design reading “Made With Latemp” for providing a button for the Latemp Offline Content Management System.

Background for the “Human Hacking Field Guide Story”

“Human Hacking Field Guide” Background Image

After I wrote the story Human Hacking Field Guide I was looking for a nice design for its online chapters. I found a design I liked, but its images were not suitable, so I duplicated the effect using the GIMP.

D&D Cartoon: Comparing Lances

“Comparing Lances” D&D Cartoon

A Dungeons&Dragons themed cartoon I created - comparing horse lances.