Shlomi Fish’s Music Recommendations


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These are my favourite popular music CDs. The source used to generate this page can be converted to HTML using the XML-Grammar-ProductsSyndication CPAN module.

A double album of the first years of my favourite English-singing band. Some pretty nifty songs, with very revolutionary melodies and style.

The later Beatles’ years. Songs have become more experimental, but also very good.

I’ve been a fan of some of Shania Twain’s MTV hits, and downloaded them from Peer-to-Peer networks. One day when I went to a local store looking for certain CDs, I saw her “Greatest Hits” compilation. Since I was looking for other CDs, I did not buy it then, but rather went another day and bought Twain’s CD.

The CD did not disappoint me. With some great songs like “Up”, “Come on over”, “Man, I feel like a woman!”, “Any man of mine”, “Party for Two”, and my old favourites “That don’t impress me much”, “You’re Still the One”, and “I’m Gonna Getcha” - this CD is one of my favourites. Shania Twain sings her country, (perhaps pop country) songs in a fun way, and the arrangement is very nice.

On the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) someone jokingly said that the empty set is defined as the people who like both Shania Twain and Pink Floyd. So I guess I belong to the empty set.

The soundtrack to the movie “The Blues Brothers” contains a wonderful collection of Blues and rock songs some of them are classics.

Enya is a wonderful composer and singer. Her atmospheric music (often accompanied by her vocals) is stimulating and exciting. This is a CD that aims to be her best, and it does contain many wonderful tracks: “The Celts” (the opening titles of the documentary show), “Book of Days”, “Orinoco Flow”, “Caribbean Blue” and many other of my favourites. Highly recommended.

My sister bought this Ace of Base album back when we were in high school. I grew to like several of its songs. Ace of Base have interesting beats, the singers have good voices and the Dance/Pop/Rock arrangement is pleasant to listen to.

Bond are a string quartet made out of four hot chicks, who are doing lots of nice crossover classical music. Being a fan of crossover classic and having heard some of Bond’s song, I went to the records store determined to find a Bond song. I found this album, which is very nice.

The Movie Dirty Dancing featured a lot of great music, and this Double-CD compilation containing the music from the movie makes for a great listening. With some old hits and completely new recordings, this CD is a must have.

The Arizona Dream Soundtrack is tantalising and moving, with some great tracks. Goran Bregovic seems very talented, and Iggy Pop does the vocals very well. The music is a combination of ethnic Balkan music, with some modern arrangements, and is excellent.


Sam Cardon and Kurt Bestor

My family received this compact disc when my father bought an upgrade to WordPerfect 6.0 and we received it as a gift. This album has some very nice mostly instrumental tracks, in a “New Age”-like style. The music in this CD is very moving, and is inspired by many different genres of music.

I downloaded the album using BitTorrent (a legitimate download) after reading about its online release in Linmagazine. After listening to it for the first time, I immediately liked two of its songs (“Wine, Women and Song” and “Little Round Mirrors”). Now I also like two other songs (“Happiness Write White” and “Incommunicado”). And there’s still some songs there which I didn’t digest yet. The arrangement of these songs is excellent, the performance is great, the music is catchy. The lyrics are a bit weird, but I guess that’s why it’s considered as Alternative Pop.

Best of U2

U2 are one of my favourite bands and had many hits throughout the eighties and nineties. This collection comprises their best hits. Most of the titles here make for a very good hearing experience, and one can listen to them again and again.

I really loved the The Lion King Movie and the music from it is also excellent. The “Circle of Life” song is tantalising, and “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” is a very fun song. I also liked the fun and funny “Hakuna Matata” song.

This is a CD of music inspired by the Disney movie The Lion King. It contains some modern arrangements of African-sounding songs, which are inspiring, addictive, and captivating. The CD contains a booklet with the words and their meaning in English.

This CD contains the greatest hits of the Swedish 70’s-80’s band ABBA. While some of the songs here are not very good, it does contain many gems such as “Dancing Queen”, “Waterloo”, “The Winner Takes it all”, “Super trouper”, “Take a chance on me”, “Knowing Me, Knowing You”, and “Money, Money, Money”. As such it is a very good buy.

This disc is the best of Michael Jackson, along with some new songs. I liked it very much.

Vangelis’ Best Works

Vangelis is a modern composer who performs some of his works using a synthesiser. His music provides a compelling and moving atmosphere, and draws the listener to the notes and accords. Vangelis excels in both writing the music, and in performing it later on.

These albums consist almost entirely of some of his best tracks, and are highly recommended.


Phil Collins

I always seemed to have had some Phil Collins hits that I really liked. So when we bought the CD, I was happy to be able to listen to them on my computer. Aside from the hits that I was familiar with, I ended up finding other tracks that I liked, such as “Both Sides of the Story” or “Dance into the Light”.


Spice Girls

The Spice Girls were a short-lived phenomenon circa 1997. An All-girls group that came out of Britain, they were sensationalist, they were fun and they were there.

Regardless of everything, I found some great songs in this first album of theirs, including “Wannabe”, “2 Become 1” and “Mama”.

They had some other good songs later: “Too Much”, “Stop”, “Spice Up Your Life”, “Goodbye”, and “Viva Forever”, and their comeback single - “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)”.