Buffy fan‐fiction by Shlomi Fish

This page contains a list of Buffy fan‐fiction by Shlomi Fish.

The Stories

Selina Mandrake — The Slayer

A geeky Anglo-American girl in her high school senior year in 2011 California, finds out that she is none other than The Slayer, a legendary heroine who is destined to slay many notable vampires and demons, culminating in none other than The Master, the vampire with the oldest soul. See how she manages to do so, despite being completely non-violent, and even supportive of the demons she encounters.

Buffy: a Few Good Slayers

The Demonic underworld is held under tight control in a forked version of the Buffy universe where the Scooby Gang all ended up happier and more powerful, and men and women have equal opportunities when it comes to fighting Demons. A new class of tenth grade (sophomore) students start the three year demon fighting program in the scholastic year of 2014/2015 in Sunnydale High School, while the older Scooby Gang, who are their teachers and mentors, have to deal with the usual set of problems that come with being teachers, parents, spouses and adults.