Buffy - a Few Good Slayers - A Screenplay

I learned more from my students than I have from my teachers.


The Demonic underworld is held under tight control in a forked version of the Buffy universe where the Scooby Gang all ended up happier and more powerful, and men and women have equal opportunities when it comes to fighting Demons. A new class of tenth grade (sophomore) students start the three year demon fighting program in the scholastic year of 2014/2015 in Sunnydale High School, while the older Scooby Gang, who are their teachers and mentors, have to deal with the usual set of problems that come with being teachers, parents, spouses and adults.

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This work uses some characters and concepts from the Buffy universe by Joss Whedon and others, from other copyrighted works, and from works that are already under the Public Domain.

All the text in Buffy: A Few Good Slayers is original, and as far as I’m concerned can be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial ShareAlike licence Unported (CC-by-nc-sa) (either version 3.0, or at your option any later version), but like I said, the situation is more complicated than that.



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