“So, who the Hell is Qoheleth?” - An Illustrated Screenplay

What had been, is what will be. There is nothing new under the sun.


Josephus was a budding philosopher of Jewish descent in Damascus of Hellenistic times, when he took a bet that he could produce a decent work of philosophy, and wrote the Biblical scroll of Ecclesiastes. Soon after that, he became the most notorious celebrity in his town, made a moderate fortune from donations of enthusiastic fans of the scroll, and became annoyed by the fact that he has become the object of affection of nearly every single young female in his town.

However, nothing could prepare Josephus to the day he ran into a trio of female Celtic travellers, who provide him with many questions, including the million dollar question, “Who is the Qoheleth (Now)?”.

This is an illustrated screenplay inspired by the #SummerNSA effort and set in a time of great confusion — not unlike our own.

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All the text in “So, who the hell is Qoheleth?” is original, and as far as I’m concerned can be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial ShareAlike licence Unported (CC-by-nc-sa) (either version 3.0, or at your option any later version), but like I said, the situation is more complicated than that.



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