Star Trek: “We, the Living Dead”

From perfection to imperfection; from finity to infinity


In this fan episode of the Television show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, we discover the true essence of the Q Continuum, and meet some “living dead”: conscious beings (including humans) who reportedly died, but actually were saved and still live a prosperous life some place else in the universe, as well as “vampires”: individuals who never died and have instead remained alive since they were born.

A Star Trek episode to end all Star Trek episodes, (and, more generally - story to end all stories).

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Common Elements in the Story

This episode will contain many elements, a lot of them are common in other stories of mine:

  1. Geek girls and female hackers.
  2. Computers, software, maths, logic and technology.
  3. Neo-Tech and Objectivism and related topics like individualism, greed and free economy.
  4. Modern life.
  5. History of the old world (Near East, Europe, etc.).
  6. Individualism, carving your own destiny and anti-Fatalism.
  7. Judaism, and Israel.
  8. Religion, Philosophy, and Mysticism.
  9. Friendship, love, and human relationships.

All of these will be integrated into one coherent (or completely incoherent) whole.

I consider this piece, my most far-fetched (or as we say in Hebrew: “הזוי” or “deluded”) piece yet. However, a Star Trek enthusiast who read it said he had read much more far-fetched Star Trek fan-fiction. A likely candidate for such a work, might be Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk, which I have not read, but indeed seems extremely far-fetched.

Ebook for Purchase

An Ebook of the screenplay for purchase in EPUB and MOBI formats.

The Ebooks are made available under the same CC-by-sa licence as the source, and can be built from the repository with some technical know how.

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See Also

  • Selina Mandrake - The Slayer (a Buffy parody) - a parody and modernisation of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer that has many ties to this screenplay, and also features some characters and concepts from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and from other sources.

    • The Selinaverse (= Selina-universe) the world in which both screenplays take place.