Summerschool at the NSA - Who Should be the Cast?


On this page, I would like to note who I think should be the cast for some of the characters of Summerschool at the NSA.

The Cast

Direction: Chuck Norris

Norris is an excellent actor, and director of action films and has recently made a huge comeback thanks to his factoids and became a bigger star than he ever was and the "alpha male". I want him to direct Summerschool at the NSA which is all about action.

Summer Glau: either herself or Megan Fox (as fallback)

If Summer can play herself, then so be it, but if not, then I believe Fox can be a good substitute, because she’s a great actress.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Herself

A bit obvious, right?

The Waitress: Jennifer Lawrence

Sic transit gloria mundi, bitch! I’m now looking forward to Lawrence’s new autobiography: "Life according to Jennifer Lawrence" subtitled "You used to be Sarah Michelle who?!!".

Andrew: Chris Tucker

I recall seeing Tucker play on Silver Linings Playbook and feels that the role of Andrew the soldier is similar enough to his role there.