About the Author

Shlomi Fish is an Israeli software developer, essayist, and writer, who is passionate about Free and Open Source Software and other manifestations of individual rights and freedom as well as honesty, transparency and openness, in digital culture, culture in general, or otherwise.

He maintains a personal web site at http://www.shlomifish.org/, which collects most of the works of culture and code, that he has worked on since he set it up in 1997. He also has several weblogs, and an otherwise active online presence.

While he considers himself a Randian Objectivist and a libertarian, he feels free to deviate or even criticise his peers and mentors based on reason, progress and other sources of enlightenment and believes that as existence is dynamic, they will evolve, be combined, and progress.

He has written the first few versions of The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it in 1996, when he was 19 drawing from many inspirations, and has continued to improve them since. One can find his other novellas, screenplays, and shorter works, as well as essays and articles, on his personal website, and he hopes to make them available as electronic books in the near future.