Programs Every Programmer Has Written

This is a list of programs every programmer has written from scratch at one point. By “every” we don’t mean everyone, just that it’s a general trend for enthusiastic computer workers to write one or more of these at a point:

  1. Hello, world ;-)
  2. An Interpreter for Scheme (= a relatively minimalistic dialect of Lisp)
  3. A templating system or HTML preprocessor
  4. A database abstraction layer, or Object-Relational Mapper (ORM)
  5. An IRC bot
  6. An interpreter for his own language (possibly embedded in text)
  7. An ad-hoc Content Management System (CMS).
  8. A program to calculate the digits of Pi.
  9. A prime numbers-related program (prime factoring, prime generation, etc.)
  10. A “build system” (normally just a makefile generator).
  11. A program to render the Mandelbrot set.
  12. A simulator for Conway’s Game-of-Life.
  13. A Towers of Hanoi program.

Licence and Credits

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