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Shlomi Fish’s Humorous Collections of Facts


There is an ongoing Internet meme of collecting various funny or otherwise amusing “facts” about Chuck Norris. This meme has expanded to cover facts about other people or entities.

These pages concentrate my contributions to this trend, which I find very amusing. Many people I talked with don’t enjoy them, as much as I and some of my friends seem to, so don’t worry if you don’t.

The Collections

Chuck Norris Facts

These are additions to the Chuck Norris facts by my Internet friends and by me. Most of them are kinda geeky (or even computer geeky), but some are more generic.

In Soviet Russia

Additions to the In Soviet Russia… (or Soviet reversal meme) by my friends and me.

Buffy Facts

Facts about Buffy Summers, the main protagonist of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as created by Joss Whedon and portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar.


Facts about Clarissa Darling, the protagonist of the show Clarissa Explains It All, as created by Mitchell Kriegman and played by Melissa Joan Hart.

“Knuth is not God”

Don Knuth is a professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Stanford University, and is the creator of TeX, inventor of several important algorithms and author of The Art of Computer Programming.

These facts explain why he isn’t God, but pretty close.

Larry Wall Facts

Larry Wall is the creator of the Perl programming language, and the inventor of the patch program.

NSA Facts

The NSA are the United States’ National Security Agency, a cryptologic intelligence agency.

Xena (the Warrior Princess) Facts

After reading the Wikipedia page about Chuck Norris Facts (and related facts), I was saddened to learn that there were none about females. So, in the name of gender equality, I have decided to start a collection of facts about Xena, the Warrior Princess. I recall watching the show and enjoying it, though I found it a little silly. I also found the character of Xena to be more comical than strong.

In any case, I have some ideas for funny factoids about Xena, so it would be a start. All additions are welcome.

XSLT Facts

XSLT is short for Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Transformations and is an XML-based language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents.

These facts illustrate how evil XSLT (supposedly) is. I think XSLT has many legitimate uses and can be pretty sweet, but an IRC conversation we had on ##programming started this meme and it seems cool.