Emma Watson Facts

Emma Watson is a 1990-born British actress and model, who rose to fame playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, and (quoting from the Wikipedia page):

In October 2013, she was voted Sexiest Female Movie Star in a worldwide poll conducted by Empire magazine. In May 2014, BuzzFeed dubbed her the “most flawless woman of the decade”.

Emma Watson Facts

  • Playing Hermione in the Harry Potter films was a dirty job, but Emma Watson got a shitload of money and worldwide recognition for doing it.

  • Emma Watson is not acting in films for money. She is acting in films for a shitload of money.

  • If the miller had travelled to the market with Emma, they would have each rode their own donkey. Problem solved.

    ( See the Wikipedia page about the fable for the context. )

  • Emma Watson is not perfect, but she's really good at hiding her imperfections.

  • Emma Watson may not look too menacing with a wand in her hand. Until she uses it with great accuracy to poke both your eyes out.

  • If the mountain does not come to Emma Watson, she won’t bother visiting it. It would be the mountain’s loss, really.

  • Emma Watson does not have 10 years of experience in developing Enterprise Java software. However, she has over 10 years of experience in getting shit done - well, on schedule, and at a reasonable cost.

  • Fluttershy immediately stops crying when Emma Watson comes to visit her.

  • Emma Watson and you would make the best children. She'll provide the talent, good looks, and brains, while you provide the sperm. (Via Connor Pollock.)

  • אמה וטסון לא משחקת בסרטים בשביל כסף. היא משחקת בסרטים בשביל מלאנתלפים כסף.

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