Open Letter: Production of the Documentary Film “Summerschool at the NSA”


DATE: 27 February, 2013.

FROM: Mr. Shlomi Fish, Tel Aviv-based software developer and writer.

TO: Ms. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hollywood film and television actress and superb geek/hacker.

SUBJECT: Production of the Documentary Film “Summerschool at the NSA”.

Dear Ms. Gellar,

I am a big fan of yours due to some of your early work playing Buffy Summers on the Television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (whom I watched most of the episodes of the first three seasons).

In any case, you are hereby requested (and you may opt to refuse) to make an old personal meme of my friends and I that “Summerschool at the NSA [= National Security Agency] may might as well be Sarah Michelle Gellar’s next movie” into a reality. For more information, see my NSA facts page.

The plan is simple: you, accompanied by a cameraman, and a bodyguard who will carry no firearms, will be let into the NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, United States, for a tour to see and record whatever wonders (or diswonders) you will find there. I suggest that you will release the unaltered and unedited footage from the camera on the Internet, under the public domain, but you may opt for a different format or licence.

I believe you are the best woman to do that, and can perform all the necessary arrangements on your own. Nevertheless, you may wish to delegate some or all of the responsibility to other people.

Good luck and take care.

Sincerely yours,

Shlomi Fish (