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Summer Glau Facts

Summer Glau (born 1981) is a Hollywood actress best known for playing River Tam in Firefly and Cameron, a Terminator, in the Television series The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She is also notable for being featured in the online comics, xkcd, and for being featured as a fictional version of herself in the realistic, political, fan-fiction, screenplay, Summerschool at the NSA.

Glau is notable for being the first non-fictional and real-life female, which is the subject of such facts here.

Summer Glau Facts

  • Chuck Norris can only convince you that you're deceased. Summer Glau can also convince you that you're alive, which is much harder.

  • Summer Glau can hold and use a gun in each hand. There's no way that Jennifer Lawrence can hold and use a bow in each hand.

  • Summer Glau does not have to hurt you if she doesn't want to . Chuck Norris kills everyone in sight.

  • Summer Glau has better ways to make a difference than by being violent.

  • It takes Summer Glau exactly a minute to write a rebuttal like in xkcd: “Venting”, and she would sign it as Chuck Norris.

  • Chuck Norris ability to destroy is only matched (and exceeded) by Summer Glau’s ability to undo his destruction.

  • Whatever Chuck Norris taketh, Summer Glau giveth back.

  • Summer Glau can lead a horse to water, and then it will drink out of its own volition.

  • Chuck Norris was the 1,000,000,000th viewer of the Gangnam Style video on YouTube. Summer Glau was the preceding 100 million views.

  • Summer Glau can restore the people that Chuck killed to life.

  • Summer Glau can give you the Hug of Death, but you’ll die happy.

  • When it comes to terminators, you have a better shot at Arnold Schwarzenegger than at Summer Glau. (By inspiration from the Big Bang Theory episode with Glau as herself.)

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