Xena (the Warrior Princess) Facts

After reading the Wikipedia page about Chuck Norris Facts (and related facts), I was saddened to learn that there were none about females. So, in the name of gender equality, a collection of facts about Xena, the Warrior Princess was created.

I recall watching the show and enjoying it, though I found it a little silly. I also found the character of Xena to be more comical than strong.

Xena Facts

  • Xena can meet King David for breakfast and Julius Caesar for lunch. Without time travel.

  • Xena beat a Goliath that was taller, and more agile than the one in the Bible. It’s not only Hollywood exaggeration.

  • No one calls Xena the warrior princess “Zeena” to her face and survives. Luckily for you she hasn’t visited modern-day U.S. yet.

  • Xena can throw a boomerang-like weapon thingy in the opposite direction and it will still hit the mark while neutralising 10 of her enemies.

  • Xena the Warrior Princess has not met Chuck Norris yet, or otherwise he would have been badly and permanently injured. (Inspired by ZadYree).

  • זינה יכולה לפגוש את דוד המלך לארוחת בוקר ואת יוליוס קיסר לארוחת צהריים. ללא שימוש במסע בזמן.

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