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Glanzmann Hello; Is there a perl module that can all a routine with complex typed defined in a wsdl file?
Debolaz Glanzmann: You mean a SOAP client with WSDL support?
Su-Shee wsdl as in soap and wsdl? then there is SOAP::WSDL.
Glanzmann Debolaz: Yes, but I need to write a server as well. :-)
Glanzmann Su-Shee: Okay. I'll try that one.
Debolaz Glanzmann: Didn't your mother ever tell you to not use SOAP? :)
Glanzmann Yes, she did. I'm unlucky. I'm forced to use it.
Su-Shee SOAP - you still feel dirty afterwards.
* f00li5h keeps scrubbing but doesn't feel clean
Su-Shee f00li5h: let me send you one of my handmade hemp-sheabutter-almond oil-babassu soaps. ;)
f00li5h sheabutter!
Su-Shee we're disabling our SOAP stuff. it only gets more complicated every day.
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