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BASIC, Pugs and After Death

rindolf TimToady: so BASIC was your first language?
TimToady no, English was my first language. :)
rindolf TimToady: I started with XT ROM BASIC, but I suppose it was something like Perl 5 was to Perl 4 for your BASIC.
rindolf BASIC has greatly evolved since Dartmouth BASIC.
rindolf TimToady: ah.
rindolf TimToady: not Chomsky's Universal language?
TimToady feh
diakopter rindolf: what's the name of the Parrot implementation of Intercal?
Juerd 21:04 <@TimToady> we have a test suite right now because of pugs
Juerd Very, very important.
rindolf diakopter: I don't know.
rindolf Juerd: yes, very.
rindolf Juerd: anyway, I expect that at every given time all tests will pass.
Juerd Well, there are probably bad tests too :)
Juerd Given the volume of the suite, and that pugs has never been able to even parse everything :0
Juerd :)
TimToady testrot accounts for many of those :)
rindolf TimToady: testrot...
rindolf TimToady++
rindolf How long does it take Pugs to run the entire Pugs test suite?
TimToady but a number of them were misunderstandings at the time
rindolf Because Pugs is kinda slow.
diakopter defudge should be renamed Passover...
TimToady used to run on my old laptop in about 25 minutes
rindolf TimToady: or cute bugs.
rindolf I mean implementation details.
rindolf TimToady: kinda long.
TimToady audreyt's dual core used to run them in 10 minutes
TimToady I haven't tried on my new laptop, since I haven't installed the lates ghc yet
TimToady first make it run, then make it run right, then make it run fast
rindolf TimToady: another problem with Pugs is that it kept requiring the latest ghc.
Juerd Did pugs drive GHC development perhaps? :D
TimToady shrug, you shouldn't pick on a software project when it's down
TimToady Juerd: yes, I believe some of that happened too
rindolf TimToady: "After Death - say holy."
rindolf TimToady: it's a Hebrew phrase.
TimToady Actually, I'm just about out of After Death--I've got a bottle of Mega Death now too.
TimToady just had some on my potatoes, yum.
spinclad sounds hot
TimToady of the first six ingredients, five of them are hot. Red habanero pods, cayenne chilies, white vinegar, natural pepper flavor, ancho chilies, chipotle chilies, molasses, guava nectar, fresh ginger, salt, spices.
TimToady 'bout 550,000 scovilles
TimToady After Death is only about 500k
TimToady Tabasco is only about 35k
spinclad tabasco i'm calibrated on -- now i can (only) imagine
TimToady so roughly 15 times hotter
spinclad 'add 1/15 drop per 100 potatoes'
TimToady I generally only use it about one "plop" at a time
TimToady unless I really want a large endorphin kick
rindolf TimToady: LOL.
spinclad enjoy yr clear sinuses
rindolf TimToady+=5
rindolf "After Death"
rindolf Reminds me of that screensaver.
rindolf "After Hours"
vixey After Dark
vixey with the flying toasters?
rindolf vixey: yes, that's the one.
rindolf Also had a nice Looney Tunes one.
rindolf "I now proclaim this computer in the name of Mars!"
rindolf (Marvin the Martian)++
vixey they were cool
rindolf I recall something about wine being able to run Windows screensavers.
spinclad "where's the kaboom? there was meant to be a case-shattering kaboom."
rindolf XScreenSaver is a pre-Autoconf hell from what I understood.
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