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Chuck Norris and Perl 6

rindolf wankit
buubot Perl 6, unlike most people, is able to breathe in the vacuum of space. In fact, anything else would damage its respiratory system. Because of this, whenever it's visiting Earth, it wears a respirator, which resembles a kickass beard.
rindolf Heh heh.
rindolf Are all of buubot's wankit factoids about Perl 6?
rindolf He should have some about Chuck Norris, too.
merlyn fictional factoids about a partially designed, partially implemented, partially wanted language. :)
rindolf merlyn: yeah.
merlyn Heh - those are all Chuck Norris quotes with s/Chuck/P6/
dabreegster rindolf: It's written in Chuck Norris, right
merlyn Chuck Norris writes code in Perl 6. Before Larry's done. And it works.
rindolf merlyn: Chuck Norris wrote Perl 6 in a day but then destroyed all evidence with his bare hands, so no one will know his secrets.
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