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COBOL and Slices

BinGOs it was someone asking for help with *python* man-in-the-middle script in a Perl channel.
BinGOs persistently
rcsheets why can't they figure out we're all about cobol in here? :(
BinGOs Nah, metallica
dngor rcsheets: They seem to be skipping the IDENTIFICATION DIVISON.
rcsheets dngor: kids these days, always skimming
pcard rcsheets: LOL
dngor I would give him the cliffs notes to the channel, but I'm from a very flat region.
pcard rcsheets: I remember someone once coming in to this channel asking how to port a Perl program into Cobol
rcsheets D:
Mimisbrunnr bwahahaha
Mimisbrunnr really?
pcard yes
rcsheets that's... that's... horrid
rcsheets maybe they were off their medication
pcard heh
Mimisbrunnr that's like asking to port a GUI to an adding machine
BinGOs I am so glad all the drugs, alcohol and therapy have managed to destroy all my memories of COBOL
rcsheets i need to implement a restful web app on my abacus
pcard Mimisbrunnr: lol
Mimisbrunnr rcsheets: it could be done - but we will need a lot of booze
Mimisbrunnr get me drunk enough, I'll program on anything
Mimisbrunnr including your cat
rcsheets Mimisbrunnr: can we do the booze part without the cobol/abacus/etc?
pcard BinGOs: indeed.... I did Cobol way back, and it's not something I care to go back to
BinGOs Though I do still shudder subconsciously whilst watching BSG
pcard BinGOs: the original or the newer one?
Mimisbrunnr rcsheets - deal
BinGOs Whenever they go on about the Gods of COBOL.
Mimisbrunnr Ya R’lyeh! COBOL fhtagn!
ZadYree Huh? what does @array[$arg] mean in p5?
pcard it's an array slice
pcard or a slice of pie
pcard one of those
rcsheets mmm
anno a warnable offence
rcsheets array slice, a la mode
pcard for pie?
pcard warn if pie; ?
ZadYree heh
pcard oh I see
pcard warn "Pie's done!" if defined $pie;
Mimisbrunnr pcard: never warn if pie; rejoice if pie
pcard ah
szr say "mmmmm, pie!"
rcsheets well, warning when it's done could make sense, inasmuch as you don't want to burn it
pcard rcsheets: yeah, like bell/beeper on an oven
rcsheets yes
rcsheets then the rejoice would be triggered when it's cool enough to eat
Mimisbrunnr sleep until ( $pie eq 'done' );
pcard it's still up to the baker to actually turn off the oven and remove the pie
Mimisbrunnr hrmm, wait no, I would never wake up
pcard Mimisbrunnr: there you go
pcard aww
pcard doh
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