The Pyramid of Code Golf on Freenode's #perl - Fortune

The Pyramid of Code Golf on Freenode's #perl

ferret LeoNerd: That was one of the first blobs of Java I wrote, it's allowed to be even more verbose and convoluted than Java normally is. ;P
rindolf ferret: link?
ferret /las
rindolf ferret: an implementation of the UNIX "cat" program in Java??
ferret Actually, specifically the GNU cat program, and only a subset thereof.
rindolf ferret: oh.
rindolf ferret: how many lines did it take?
* f00li5h heads off to #codegolf and tries to convince them to allow java submissions
ferret rindolf: It's mostly argument parser.
rindolf ferret: I once implemented a parser for a subset of the Bourne Shell args, in really hideous ANSI C.
rindolf f00li5h: good luck.
rindolf f00li5h: Java Golf...
f00li5h yeah, for sure!
rindolf Java Golf would be longer than a non-Golfed Perl program.
f00li5h rindolf: this is true
rindolf f00li5h: COBOL Golf!
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