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Crypto Time Exchange

rindolf Today I got the idea for "crypto-time" similar to crypto-currency - BitSeconds.
rindolf Not sure how it will work.
Paper What would the benefit of having lots of BitSeconds be?
pyon rindolf: Ah.
rdevilla rindolf: you are enabling pedophiles, terrorists, and drug dealers
pyon rdevilla: wat
rindolf rdevilla: heh.
sirdancealot and time thieves
rdevilla especially time thieves
rdevilla think of all the time laundering
rindolf Reminds me of
pyon rdevilla: Time thieves? You mean like those silly Facebook games that steal your time?
rdevilla pyon: the Steam sale has taken up far too much of my holiday already ._.
pyon rdevilla: Heh. :-)
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Tagline Be back in a BitSecond…