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d3x btw, you can do mplayer -dumpaudio -dumpfile file.mp3
d3x no need to reencode
rindolf This -dumpfile is a nice trick.
rindolf Is it new?
rindolf I wonder when mplayer will hit 1.0 already.
rindolf Ah.
rindolf All the stuff I saw told me to use WAV and then encode.
d3x mplayer and 1.0? i'm not really sure it's their goal
rindolf They will stay at 1.0RC-foo forever?
d3x although i would be glad if they had some sensible versioning
rindolf Yes.
rindolf At the moment perl-Mojolicious is at 0.999924.
rindolf At least perl-Moose hit 1.00
d3x lol
rindolf Without any substantial changes from 0.99.
rindolf But you've got to upgrade somehow.
rindolf perl-Moose is MDV/RH notation, but I like it.
d3x imo it's just stupid not to release 1.0
rindolf I dislike libmoose-perl
rindolf Yes.
d3x wine did so and now they have normal versioning
rindolf Though most of my CPAN modules are sub-1.0.
rindolf I think except for one module (where I used 0.2.0 0.4.0 and eventually hit 0.8.0 and had to go to 1.000) all my 1.0 and above modules are adopted.
d3x they are sub-1.0, but they are not 0.9.999.2010.03.11-rc5
d3x :)
rindolf One of them used the CVS revisions as versions.
rindolf d3x : LOL.
rindolf Yes.
rindolf d3x: can I quote you on that?
d3x i say it's stupid to make releases up to 0.9.something and then not to release 1.0
rindolf I collect quotes on my homepage.
d3x sure you can
rindolf At the moment I have freecell-solver-2.42.0
rindolf But I hope the new release will be 3.0.0
d3x the one that was bought by freecell enterprise? :D
rindolf I've left GNOME and gtk+/glib behind.
rindolf d3x yes.
rindolf Freecell Solver Enterprises™ Inc.
rindolf Ah, so you've seen that.
d3x yes, you posted a link on #debian
rindolf Yes.
rindolf You should add a digest to the version.
rindolf 0.9.999.2010.03.11-rc5-adc83b19e793491b1c6ea0fd8b46cd9f32e592fc
d3x lol
rindolf In case you're using git or hg.
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