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Digits in Variable Names

jim which perldoc for doin stuff with arrays? want to copy all but first of one array to another
DrForr perldoc perldsc
DrForr Or just (undef,@new) = @old;
rindolf Also $old[1..$#old]
DrForr Of course TIMTOWTDI...
rindolf Well, @old[1..$#old]
rindolf I think in perl 6 you can do @old[1..*-1]
jim @a2 = @a1[1..$#a1]?
jim not perl6in yet
rindolf jim: yes, but with different names.
rindolf jim: else you want an array or a hash of arrays.
rindolf perlbot: varvarname
perlbot rindolf: Why it's stupid to `use a variable as a variable name' - http://perl.plover.com/varvarname.html
jim wait, are you sure mine is wrong?
rindolf jim: it's not wrong per-ce, just a red flag.
jim what's the flag?
rindolf jim: varvarname.
jim note I said @a->2<- = ...
rindolf jim: well, it's like doing my ($x1,$x2,$x3,$x4...) - better use an array.
rindolf Assuming you want that.
rindolf Yes, what is the difference between @a2 and @a1? What is their significance?
jim @a1 is a complete list of phone numbers, @a2 is a list of phone numbers not yet uploaded to the phone
thrig @phone_numbers!
jim it's like that in the code
thrig oh, okay
jim I'm just not typin that crap into the irc window as irc isn't the most wonderful medium for posting code
jim believe me, my variable names from 20 years ago tell me what they are for
thrig var_name_from_20_years_ago_you_re_still_not_taking_out_the_damn_trash
jim I'm not necessarily at liberty to specify exactly what I'm doing
jim even tho I did so in this case
thrig otherwise the mafia arranges a boaking accident?
mfontani worse; nobody expects the spanish inquisition!
rindolf I'm going crazy without buubot.
rindolf Where is he and buu?
jim well the way you're acting doesn't exactly induce the greatest amount of openness
rindolf jim: I apologise.
rindolf jim: we may have erred in this.
jim ohman, buubot is gone>?
rindolf jim: yes!
rindolf jim: for the time being.
rindolf Don't know where buu is.
jim that's been one useful bot
mfontani eval: @a=1..4; (undef,@b)=@a; \@b
perlbot mfontani: [2,3,4]
DrForr jim: You've got several answers already. Do they not satisfy?
rindolf perlbot: define boaking
perlbot rindolf: No factoid found. Did you mean one of these: [debian perldoc] [define vrby : vrby]
rindolf jim: I think simcop has put the buubot code on github or something like that.
rindolf Well, good night @everyone.
rindolf An array .
jim DrForr: they do... it's all this stuff afterwards that has me closing, "spanish inquisition", "mafia breakaleg"... it's just unnecessary
jim rindolf: thanks
rindolf jim: well, we sometimes enjoy having fun.
DrForr Shrug. You're the one that brought up "may not be at liberty..."
rindolf jim: seems like thrig's main function, aside from being the benevolent dictator of #perl, is to interject short jokes.
thrig I make jokes about tall people, too
simcop2387 rindolf: yea i have
rindolf thrig: :-)
simcop2387 perlbot: source
perlbot simcop2387: check out my insides (i'm based off buubot, so ask him for his source if you really want to start); http://github.com/simcop2387/perlbuut/ or go to http://github.com/simcop2387/buubot/
rindolf We can have notbuubot or buubot2 or something.
rindolf Well, buubot2 is varvarname.
rindolf ;-)
thrig it's not going to be @buubot
rindolf thrig: LOL.
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