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rindolf jawnsy: no version numbers of what?
jawnsy rindolf: version numbers for your documentation stuff. like a way to download the web site as a tarball, with a version number (maybe even a date)
rindolf jawnsy: ah.
rindolf jawnsy: I'm using Subversion for it.
rindolf jawnsy: I can start making releases with version numbers.
tag subversion revision numbers are not the same as version numbers, and typically shouldn't be used to source version numbers.
tag unless you don't care that the version number is totally meaningless. In that case, you might as well use a date so it can atleast mean *something*
buu tag: Let's use UUIDS!
tag oh, like git?
tag yeah it's the same
buu "Dude, version 91239213912ASD!@#ASDASDADS!@#!@!" is totally superiour to "124912312ASD1242412FF232"
tag They have no real value, other than the ability to uniquely identify a something
rindolf buu: LOL.
Botje well, git's sha1 sum at least identify a point in time
rindolf tag: I won't use subversion rev numbers.
tag without telling you jack shit about what that something is
buu To be fair, svn numbers increase..
rindolf buu: yes, but an earlier branch can have a later rev number.
rindolf buu: I think Config-IniFiles used CVS revisions as version numbers.
buu rindolf: Uh oh
buu rindolf: I feel the world around me collapsing.
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