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Don't Send Me Perl

I agree with your assessment about hand-editing, but I wanted to be sure before I get in too deep. Send to me the code, I will try to get something useful out of it. Unless it's Perl. Don't send me Perl!

I have some 16-bit Turbo C++ C source code to convert the Gregorian Calendar to the Jewish calendar here:

It's MIT/X11, but will take some effort to adapt and I've found much more elegant code in C in the past on the Net (which during my work for Cortext Web Design, I translated into Perl 5, back in 1996ish. It was since lost.). I think it was GPLed.

I also have versions of this code in COBOL.NET, Intercal, PDP-10 Assembly, J, APL, Windows NT 4.0 Batch script and Autocad Lisp - I'm sure you can handle all of them because none of them is Perl. ;-).

Perlfully and Painfully yours,

-- Shlomi Fish

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