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Dream Language in Freenode’s #lisp-il

adeht rindolf: my brother had AIMA in hard-cover.. and maybe I can get a hold of PAIP
adeht s/had/has/;
* adeht yays for perl
rindolf adeht: what did perl do?
adeht <adeht> s/had/has/;
rindolf adeht: it’s actually from sed and ed before that.
adeht I know, but I’m using perl syntax :)
rindolf adeht: now write it in Lisp.
adeht heh.
adeht in Lisp you wouldn’t use a regex for this kind of dumb substitution.. though you could
adeht rindolf: a nice way of writing CL code is to imagine your dream language for expressing that particular problem, and then realizing it :)
rindolf You probably wouldn’t use a regex in Python either.
rindolf adeht: I see.
rindolf adeht: I’m not going to implement Perl in Common Lisp. :-D
adeht heh
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