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kleanchap Is there an IDE for Perl? I need to debug some of my code.
Altreus kleanchap: well there's Padre, but you'll spend as long trying to install it ...
Zaba kleanchap, perl has a debugger: perl -d
Cipher-0 There's always Komodo.
Cipher-0 I use Notepad++, but as people here will attest, I suck.
rindolf perlbot: ide
perlbot rindolf: Padre -, Komodo, Eclipse (with EPIC), KDevelop, X/GNU Emacs, gvim, TextMate; see also and definitely not Xcode
rindolf kleanchap: ^^^
rindolf kleanchap: and it's in the FAQ for crying out loud.
rindolf anno: yes.
kleanchap Zaba, rindolf and Altreus Thnx!
squeeks definitely not Xcode? but.. but... but... I went to all the effort to make
rindolf kleanchap: I can recommend perl -d as well.
Altreus is perl+eclipse any good?
Altreus oh right I remember
Altreus I wanted a vim plugin for $IDE and none of them worked
squeeks "is...eclipse any good" what
Altreus squeeks: valid question >:(
kent\n eclipse seems to be one of those platforms which make me wonder what processor development has really acheived in the last 20 years.
Altreus it means you can do more shit really really slowly
kent\n "Gosh, I can still type faster than this, something is very wrong in the universe"
thrig "Gosh, eclipse killed the devo database through sheer numbers of DB connections"
kent\n I'd rather spend time programming, not sitting on my hands while eclipse decides it might work today
kent\n If I wanted to sit on my hands, I'd be using C++ ;)
LeoNerd "I hear eclipse is really nice, but I'm still waiting for it to load"
rokoteko "Gosh, eclipse's spell checker got confused between cvs and csv."
Altreus kent\n: swordfights
squeeks kent\n: so you could effectively hit your head against the keyboard
kent\n eclipse: What your momma causes when she stands up
rokoteko written using eclipse's help: sub look_mom_I_can_parse_HTML_with_regex { $_[0] =~ /HTML/ }
squeeks What was that comment that went something along the lines of "I'm a grown up now, I can eat raw cookie dough and parse HTML with regular expressions"
* kent\n thinks he should compile a list of things to bash and make it a factoid. PHP, Eclipse, Microsoft, # there's a start
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