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Emulating a Newbie on Perl

yrlnry Hi, I heard that Perl is just HTML with some sort of macro preprocessor attached. So I thought you would be the right people to ask about whether there is a way to make the submitted value on an <input type=submit> different from the visible label on the button.
yrlnry Thanks in advance.
* Roderick tars and feathers yrlnry.
yrlnry Hi, Roderick! How's the kid?
Somni you have been misinformed, sir; Perl is just a regex engine with named variables
ne2k__ yrlnry: that is possibly one of the oddest questions I have ever heard
yrlnry ne2k__: What's odd about "How's the kid?"
yrlnry You need to get out more, seriously.
ne2k__ yrlnry: I meant the original question
Roderick Congratulations, I hope it's going well.
yrlnry Do you know that Jewish folktale about the man who lives in a tiny hut with his wife and kids and they can't stand the crowding any more, so they go to the rabbi for advice, and the rabbit suggests that they bring the chickens, goat, and cow into the house too?
ne2k__ yrlnry: not that it has anything to do with perl, but the <input> tag in HTML has both "name" and "value" attributes. the value is what gets shown in the browser typically.
yrlnry ne2k__: yes, and the value is also what is submitted when someone presses the button, but I want the displayed label to be different from what it submitted, as it is say with <option ...>
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