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The Holy Extreme Programming in Freenode's #perl

rindolf "We're doing XP [= Extreme Programming] here, so you need to know Ruby, you need to know Design Patterns and you need to know Refactoring."
rindolf XP may have become a religion.
ew73 I Refactored yesterday!
rindolf ew73: using which refactoring pattern?
ew73 Leviticus 13:22
Somni well you will keep refactoring until you get it right!
* rindolf extracts the ew73 method.
rindolf ew73: this is one of my favourite refactoring patterns.
* ew73 idly looks up said passage, just to see if it's any good.
integral What do you have to know to claim you know refactoring?
integral How to click buttons in the right Eclipse menu?
rindolf integral: the code is in Ruby.
integral Ruby is too cool to be in Eclipse?
ew73 integral: One time, I moved all this stuff to another subroutine!
ew73 Lev. 13:22. And if it spread, he shall judge him to have the leprosy:
rindolf integral: no, but you cannot refactor Ruby code automatically using Eclipse.
integral One time I wrote all this code, but when I was about to go home I found I'd left my brain at home! LOLZ
integral ew73: good butter advert in that
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