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Fight for Perl

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spx2 I want to FIGHT FOR PERL IN GSOC !
spx2 I feel the power of metal in my veins
spx2 perl is flowing in my blood !
spx2 What perl Armies can I join this YEAR ?
ambs spx2: a lot :)
spx2 ambs: Hail BRETHREN !
spx2 where are the armies ???
spx2 I want to ENGAGE and start preparing my weapons !
spx2 ambs: what projects are this year ?
ambs spx2: ideas at
spx2 I will fight this year in the PERL battle !
rindolf spx2: Python is for the WEAK and TIMID!
spx2 rindolf: TOTALLY !
* spx2 examines the war grounds
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