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rindolf Oh, God, FizzBuzz discussion.
Rounin rindolf: Which framework do you think is best for FizzBuzz? I'm thinking Spring, Hibernate and Struts, with jQuery for the user-facing parts, of course
Rounin To properly print the lines, you see
Rounin Also FizzBuzz in C# is hopelessly out of date
* Rounin ducks and grabs popcorn
adsc fizzbuzz can be a challenging exercise if you require an exotic language like Chef
adsc you know what would be cool? A language that has an implementation for all such trivial programming exercises in the standard lib. Just imagine how confused a noob programmer would be when he couldn't just fizzBuzz() in standard C to solve the exercise...
Rounin :P
Rounin atoi is a nice exercise though
moop adsc: write one, become the hero that beginners need
moop call it nooblib
moop become famous
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