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Free as in what?

rindolf ofer0: what's up?
ofer0 rindolf, nothing much. what's with you?
rindolf ofer0: I restored my fonts to my nouveau-enabled X server.
jagerman What is nouveau?
ofer0 jagerman, "new" in french ?
jagerman Yes, I know it's a word, but what is the nouveau rindolf is talking about?
ofer0 I have no idea. rindolf ?
rindolf jagerman, ofer0: it's the free-as-in-speech Nvidia drivers.
dmq jagerman++ (Yes i know its a word).
pkrumins free as in freedom
nainef free as in richard stallman?
ofer0 free as in free Microsoft Windows Vista CDs
nainef lol
pkrumins vista--
ofer0 "What do you mean? Windows XP isn't free?" -- My neighbour.
Ikarus ofer0: sounds familiar
ofer0 (when telling him that I can't format his hard-drive and re-install XP because he doesn't own a license)
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