Excerpt from the TV Show Friends - #11 - Fortune

Excerpt from the TV Show Friends - #11

Phoebe: OK. [singing] Smelly cat, smell-ly cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly cat [back up singers - smelly, smelly, smelly, really bad smelly cat, it’s not your fault] OK, sorry. I’m just, I’m just not getting that everyone um, gets how smelly this cat acually is. I just think that maybe if we could talk about this, ’cause I need to feel that you really care about the cat.

Producer: Honey, uh we, we can talk about this. It’s just that it’s costing about a hundred dollars a minute to be in here.

Phoebe: Oh OK. So, um, the cat stinks but you love it, let’s go.

Author David Crane & Marta Kauffman
Work Friends (T.V. Show)