Excerpt from the TV Show Friends - #49 - Fortune

Excerpt from the TV Show Friends - #49

Chandler: She’s amazing! She makes the women that I dream about look like short, fat, bald men!

Monica: Well, go over to her! She’s not with anyone.

Chandler: Oh yeah, and what would my opening line be? ’Excuse me. Blarrglarrghh.’

Rachel: Oh, c’mon. She’s a person, you can do it!

Chandler: Oh please, could she be more out of my league? Ross, back me up here.

Ross: He could never get a woman like that in a million years.

Chandler: Thank you, buddy.

Phoebe: Oh, oh, but y’know, you always see those really beautiful women with those really nothing guys. You could be one of those guys!

Author David Crane & Marta Kauffman
Work Friends (T.V. Show)