Excerpt from the TV Show Friends - #50 - Fortune

Excerpt from the TV Show Friends - #50

Chandler: Well, y’know, I had some trouble with it at first too, but the way I look at it is, I get all the good stuff: all the fun, all the talking, all the sex; and none of the responsibility. I mean, this is every guy’s fantasy!

Phoebe: Oh, yeah. That is not true. Ross, is this your fantasy?

Ross: No, of course not! [Thinks] …Yeah, yeah, it is.

Monica: What? So you guys don’t mind going out with someone else who’s going out with someone else?

Joey: I couldn’t do it.

Monica: Good for you, Joey.

Joey: When I’m with a woman, I need to know that I’m going out with more people than she is.

Author David Crane & Marta Kauffman
Work Friends (T.V. Show)