Excerpt from the TV Show Friends - #55 - Fortune

Excerpt from the TV Show Friends - #55

Monica: Okay. It’s-it’s about Alan. There’s something that you should know. I mean, there’s really no easy way to say this.. uh.. I’ve decided to break up with Alan.

Ross: Is there somebody else?

Monica: No, nononono… it’s just… things change. People change.

Rachel: We didn’t change!

Joey: So that’s it? It’s over? Just like that?

Phoebe: You know… you let your guard down, you start to really care about someone, and I just- I- [chews her hair]

Monica: Look, I- I could go on pretending-

Joey: Okay!

Monica: -but that wouldn’t be fair to me, it wouldn’t be fair to Alan- It wouldn’t be fair to you!

Ross: Who-who wants fair? Y’know, I just want things back. Y’know, the way they were.

Monica: I’m sorry..

Chandler: [Sarcastic] Oh, she’s sorry! I feel better!

Rachel: [Tearful] I just can’t believe this! I mean, with the holidays coming up- I wanted him to meet my family-

Monica: I’ll meet somone else. There’ll be other Alans.

ALL: Oh, yeah! Right!

Monica: Are you guys gonna be okay?

Ross: Hey hey, we’ll be fine. We’re just gonna need a little time.

Monica: [dubious] I understand.

Author David Crane & Marta Kauffman
Work Friends (T.V. Show)