Excerpt from the TV Show Friends - #73 - Fortune

Excerpt from the TV Show Friends - #73

[ on “The Days of our Lives”:]

Amber: I want you Drake.

Dr. Remore: I know you do but you and I can never be together that way.

Amber: What?

Dr. Remore: There’s something I never told you Amber. I’m actually your half-brother.

[ Everyone gasps. The show ends.]

Rachel: So what happens next?

Joey: Well, I get the medical award for separating the siamese twins. Then Amber and I go to Venezuela to meet our other half-brother, Ramone. And that’s where I find the world’s biggest emerald. It’s really big but it’s cursed.

Chandler: God, that is good TV.

Author David Crane & Marta Kauffman
Work Friends (T.V. Show)