Hackers-IL: CS in Real Life - #4 - Fortune

Hackers-IL: CS in Real Life - #4

4. User Friendliness and Graphical User Interface:

Most people are not very user-friendly. Try talking to a person (especially of the opposite sex) and trying to guess what you're supposed to do now, what the other person wants from you, what would happen if you did this, and what would happen if you did that, and how the heck to you get the other person to do what you really want. No more of that! People should get a graphical user interface. Why talk to the other person in that complex command line language we call "Hebrew", when you can just look at the menu, see the options "Leave me alone" and "Let's have sex" and just chose the one you want! Better yet, why not have a toolbar, with nice little icons?

Author Nadav Har’El
Work Hackers-IL Message No. 1,408