Hamakor Discussions: Commodore 64 - #2 - Fortune

Hamakor Discussions: Commodore 64 - #2

> > My Commodore 64 is suffering from slowness and insufficiency of memory;
> > and its display device is grievously short of pixels.  Can anyone help?
> I can give you 64K of memory to make it a Commodore 128, it will be just
> like brand new. I'll throw in a disk drive so you can dump the
> cassettes, they are obsolete these days.

Leave your Commodore alone, this platform does not allow good scaling, even
doubling RAM amount... I think it's good time to upgrade to XT. You can even
install another 8088 instead of 8087 co-processor. Dual-CPU system would
allow greater throughput in multiuser enviroment. Yes, I know it demands
bigger initial investment, but the ROI is guaranteed in no more than 2

— Omer Zak, Baruch Even and Alexey Maslennikov on discussions@hamakor.org.il
Author Alexey Maslennikov
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