How are flying unicorn ponies called? - Fortune

How are flying unicorn ponies called?

ZetaNeta i wonder, if one day, developers will lose the possibility to write code no one else can understand.
ZetaNeta If CPUs will start running interpretable code
rindolf ZetaNeta: you can always obfuscate code.
rindolf ZetaNeta: nothing guarantees that a code will be readable.
ZetaNeta yeah, thats why i wish people will lose the ability to write unreadable code
rindolf ZetaNeta: and there's also which compiles from C/C++/ObjC/etc. to unreadable JS.
rindolf ZetaNeta: how will you guarantee that?
ZetaNeta I cant. Thats why i wish
rindolf ZetaNeta: have you heard of the ?
rindolf ZetaNeta: it may be impossible for a computer to do.
rindolf ZetaNeta: if not for a human too.
rindolf ZetaNeta: don't wish for the impossible.
rindolf ZetaNeta: unless you'd also like to wish for pink flying unicorn ponies who drop candy.
ZetaNeta I dont like pink, unicorns, ponies, candy and dropping stuff.
rindolf ZetaNeta: it's an idiom that means that you want something that can't easily be achieved.
rindolf ZetaNeta: or something Utopian or unrealistic.
ZetaNeta well... thats already way too offtopic
sea Morninigg!!!!!!!!
* sea appears and has cake!
* sea distributes cake
[TheFlash] maybe you meant a cross between a unicorn and a pony?
* rindolf eats the free-as-in-speech cake.
rindolf Also zen cake - no calories.
rindolf [TheFlash]:
rindolf [TheFlash]: they exist in /My Little Pony/ - ♥
sea Those actually are pegasus ponies.
sea Unicorn ponies don't fly.
sea There are some unicorn pegasus ponies, though
sea Like princess Luna
rindolf sea: yes.
rindolf sea: isn't Princess Celestia also a Unicorn Pegasus Pony?
rindolf Well, this isn't #bronies
sea Yeah, they're called an 'alicorn' officially now
rindolf sea: ah.
sea Also, starting with the last episode of season 3, Twilight Sparkle is an Alicorn too
rindolf sea: I don't remember who she is.
rindolf sea: - ah , I see.
rindolf sea: yes, I know who she is (naturally).
rindolf OK, on topic.
rindolf ZetaNeta: it's probable that people (or software programs) will always be able to write other programs that other people will find hard to understand, so don't wish for it to happen.
rindolf ZetaNeta: you might be able to find a device that will change the laws of logic, but I find it unlikely.
rindolf Well, find or develop.
ZetaNeta rindolf, Well. I have some ideas
rindolf ZetaNeta: ideas?
ZetaNeta In my understanding, there is no logic.
rindolf ZetaNeta: what?
* ZetaNeta dont wanna talk about it
rindolf ZetaNeta: you don't think there's logic?
pehjota TIL that sea is a brony. They're everywhere!
rindolf pehjota: heh.
* ZetaNeta doesnt like to mix software with philosophy, to avoid long conversations he anyway probably gonna lose
rindolf ZetaNeta: well, programming is based on maths and logic.
ZetaNeta rindolf, "Because you are so sure about it"
rindolf ZetaNeta: what?
* ZetaNeta doesnt like to mix software with philosophy, to avoid long pointless conversations
sea pehjota: What's TIL?
rindolf sea: Today I learned.
pehjota sea: Today I learned.
sea Whoa..
pehjota Ha :)
sea Haha, your nicks both have the same length
sea so it looks like a duplicated line
rindolf sea: jinx!
* sea grabs everything made of wood and hides it
rindolf ZetaNeta: anyway, the Halting Problem which is part of theoretical CS, and has an easy-to-explain informal proof, casts many doubts about a machine's (or a human's) ability to detect whether code for an arbitrary Turing complete VM is easy to understand or not, and so you might as well forget about it.
rindolf <pehjota> TIL that sea is a brony. They're everywhere! ==> not sure how useful of a fact it is.
pehjota rindolf: It was a tongue-in-cheek remark. :)
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