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How well do Humans Execute Loops?

rindolf ashmew2: hi.
ashmew2 hello rindolf .
rindolf ashmew2: what's up?
ashmew2 Sorry about the other day, my internet was acting weird. seems stable now
rindolf ashmew2: ah, that's OK. :-)
ashmew2 rindolf, just fixed issues that cropped up with a new router. Fixes the internet :D
RangerMauve I'll never forgive you
ashmew2 whats up with you?
ashmew2 RangerMauve, while(!forgiven) ask_forgiveness(); :P
rindolf ashmew2: I'm fine. Looking for a misplaced E-mail.
rindolf ashmew2: infinite loop!
ashmew2 Let's hope that's not an infinite loop.
ashmew2 :P
rindolf ashmew2: run it in a background process/thread.
ashmew2 hahaha
rindolf ashmew2: :-)
ashmew2 not necessarily infinite, we don't know how the variable forgiven is modified by the called function :P :P
rindolf ashmew2: well, this is pseudocode.
RangerMauve ashmew2: It could be potentially infinite if I die
ashmew2 RangerMauve, don't let the requests be pending then :D
ashmew2 for the sake of infinite rise in universal entropy.
RangerMauve Maybe I want it to happen. Manye I'm some sort of existential anarchist
ashmew2 well, Anarchy, no matter how inviting, doesn't really lead to fruitful consequences. But i guess that's individualistic at best.
RangerMauve 2deep4me
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