How Much Infinity do you need? - Fortune

How Much Infinity do you need?

Altreus rindolf: you can make a processor in minecraft yes
rindolf Altreus: ah, OK.
Altreus a computer in a computer
rindolf Let's write a Perl->Mincraft compiler.
Altreus very meta
rindolf Implementing a Turing complete interpreter inside a VM is not hard.
rindolf vi keystrokes (not vimscript) are also Turing complete.
rindolf As is the Game of Life and infinite Minesweeper
jettero rindolf: I can almost imagine GoL, but how is minesweeper going to be turing complete?
Altreus nuts
Altreus that always worked for me
Altreus maybe you have to log in at least once
woldrich bah
rindolf jettero:
rindolf jettero: I have not read the paper.
rindolf jettero: of course, true Turing completeness is only possible with infinite memory.
LeoNerd Ah OK
* f00li5h hands rindolf an infinite hotel, and books every even room
rindolf f00li5h: :-)
* rindolf books every odd room that is divided by three.
rindolf f00li5h: is it א_0, א_1 or something more infinite?
f00li5h it's as infinite as it can be!
rindolf f00li5h: ah, good.
rindolf f00li5h: then I can book room pi.
rindolf Or sqrt(2).
f00li5h you sure can.
rindolf Nice.
f00li5h but you might like something a little more spacious
rindolf Ah.
f00li5h like the rooms between 1 and 2
rindolf Which room do you recommend?
rindolf Ah.
j_wright what about sqrt(-1)?
f00li5h plenty of space there
f00li5h j_wright: that room's popular, i'd imagine it's booked
f00li5h the biggest problem is aloting extensions on the room phones
Altreus my infinite hotel's rooms have two numbers each, being a point on the complex plane
Altreus it increases address lookup time
Altreus also the hotel happens to be all one floor so that helps
j_wright so they get two sets of addresses?
j_wright polar too
f00li5h take the ⧜th left, and then head down ∞th right
Altreus no just one
Altreus each room is unique
j_wright or turn n degrees and go m forward
Altreus oh yes I suppose you could map their addresses to a new coordinate space but that's true of any plane with a landmark
Altreus the car park is at 0,i fyi
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