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johnjohn101 when will I be able to write a perl gui that will work on the ipad?
rindolf johnjohn101: iPad?
rindolf johnjohn101: was it released yet?
rindolf johnjohn101: I think there are Perl bindings for Cocoa/Carbon/etc.
johnjohn101 today.. Just getting sucked by the hype
rindolf johnjohn101: ah.
rindolf johnjohn101: I'm incredibly suspicious of Apple.
johnjohn101 why's that?
* Caelum will wait for the cheap ipad knockoff that runs Android and can multitask
rindolf johnjohn101: http://www.shlomifish.org/open-source/anti/apple/
rindolf 133 links and going strong.
* rindolf thinks he has a link on his homepage or blogs for every occasion.
johnjohn101 they definitely know how to hype their new products. I get so suspicious of the hype. Nothing ever lives up to that type of billing
rindolf johnjohn101: yes, I'm suspicious of hype too.
gooshie rindolf the new apple maxipad is out today.. leave it to apple to create a new device with all the cost of a high end laptop.. the performance of a netbook and the interface of a cellphone
Caelum gooshie: and no multitasking
rindolf gooshie: heh.
rindolf gooshie++
johnjohn101 will google be able to match it?
johnjohn101 anytime soon?
rindolf Some technologies were not hyped and yet became very popular - UNIX, C, HTML.
Caelum there's no amazingly complicated technology involved
Caelum it's just a big iphone
claes_ nicely packaged
johnjohn101 drop it once and it's unusable?
gooshie ...if they just made a cover to protect the screen.. and then maybe because they had like a cover the inside could be the screen and the other part could then be a keyboard!.. that would be cool!
johnjohn101 gooshie: good thing you have an open mind about the product!!
* gooshie d:-/
gooshie ..the new apple maxipad... when your laptop is too big.. your iphone is too small and your wallet is too full.
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