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Sjors the Awayer

shlomif Hi Sjors the Awayer!
sjors Hi Shlomi the, uh
sjors Onliner! :P
shlomif I am not an Awayer!
shlomif I am a free man.
shlomif Onlinerer, heh.
shlomif Touche.
sjors ;)
sjors or is Awayer some kind of Hebrew word?
shlomif No, it's not.
shlomif It's pig-English for someone who is Away.
shlomif We don't have a "w" sound in modern Hebrew (replaced by "v" a-la-German) but most Israelis have no problems pronouncing it.
shlomif I have problems pronouncing th (maths) and dh (there).
shlomif Even though they did exist in Ancient Hebrew.
sjors many Dutch people have problems saying th too
sjors earth
sjors they say it eart
shlomif Ah.
sjors I tink
shlomif I say it ers
shlomif Heh.
shlomif You seem to be in a funny mood too.
sjors I tink you are dere
sjors hehe
shlomif How's school?
sjors I've been feeling great lately :)
shlomif But OTOH you're a funny guy, anyway.
shlomif I think Zuu from ##programming is the comedian king of Denmark.
sjors haha
shlomif J/K.
shlomif I know many Israelis who are funnier than me IRL.
shlomif Or maybe also online.
sjors I know many Dutch people funnier than me
shlomif Ah.
shlomif IRL?
sjors And online, I think
sjors Meh
sjors I've been playing openttd
sjors but those damn trains
sjors are SO STUBBORN
shlomif Well, no offence, but you're not the funniest person online.
sjors it's annoying me
shlomif I've known.
shlomif Sometimes trolls can be funny.
shlomif Larry Wall seems a bit less funny on IRC than on Usenet or E-mail.
shlomif But he's not always funny.
shlomif IRL, he's really funny.
shlomif He gives funny presentations.
sjors I don't have the place in ottd to *force* them to do the right thing, but they do stuff like making 90 degree corners, stopping three other trains in their tracks, just because it's like a millisecond shorter than the other route
shlomif Though I think they always get more serious towards the end.
sjors hm :)
shlomif Is it a commercial game?
sjors OpenTTD?
shlomif I once gave a lightning talk about Template Toolkit and people laughed at the same slide twice , because I gave it twice due to a presentation equipment.
shlomif Ah.
shlomif The Open says everything.
sjors yep :)
shlomif I once gave a lightning talk about Template Toolkit and people laughed at the same slide twice , because I gave it twice due to a presentation equipment SNAFU*.
shlomif Gotta love Ctrl+Up.
shlomif Gotta love Ctrl+Up.
shlomif I think we've been there, though.
sjors hehe
shlomif Old joke.
sjors Didn't know it
shlomif I told you about it a long time ago.
shlomif It was you I think.
shlomif And then we did a session of two messages in a row.
sjors ah
sjors :P
shlomif You know what S-exprsessions are, right?
shlomif Indeed. No space bar.
shlomif Gotta press alt+032
shlomif Or something.
sjors hmm
sjors I don't have a numeric keypad
shlomif Ah.
shlomif Mac O Sucks.
shlomif Mac O Sucky Computers.
shlomif No offence, I hope.
sjors Hands off my Mac! ;)
shlomif It's mine! All mine!
shlomif My precioussssssssssss.
shlomif I'll make a fortune out of this conversation, I think.
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