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It's slower

tm604 eval: my $txt = "this is a test"; my $rslt = substr($txt, 4, length($txt) - 4, undef); [ $txt, $rslt ];
buubot tm604: ["this"," is a test"]
tm604 ^ can anyone suggest a neater way of writing that? thought undef for the 3rd substr parameter would work instead of explicitly giving a length.
rindolf eval: my $txt = "this is a test"; my $rslt = substr($txt, 4, - 4, q{}); [ $txt, $rslt ];
buubot rindolf: ["thistest"," is a "]
tm604 Just surprised that omitting the length for substr isn't the same as passing undef.
anno tm604: sometimes perl makes a difference between "not specified" and undef
ishi tm604: wouldn't regexpr be shorted? I'm not sure what passes as 'neat' in perl :)
ishi shorter, even...
rindolf eval: @s = ("Long string this is a test" =~ m{\A(.{0,6})(.*?)\z}ms); [@s]
buubot rindolf: ["Long s","tring this is a test"]
rindolf tm604: will that work?
tm604 rindolf: thanks, that may be a better option.
rindolf tm604: nice. :-)
Khisanth that would definitely not be "better" ...
ishi it's slower ;)
tm604 hmm, since I'm passing this through SOAP::Lite through a vpn on the other side of the world maybe three times a day, I think I'll have to rewrite this part in highly-efficient x64 assembler with fallback to GPU if available.
sacx nah you need an FPGA
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