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Joel on Software Forum - PHP, Perl and Python

You know, as much as I hate to see Joel backhand ole Perl, I’ve seen it done before ( and I’m over it. Whatever. It’s not a real object oriented language, too many idiosyncrasies, yadda yadda yadda I woke up next to python.

But, I mean, PHP?? Uh, what?

Weekly root exploits, a thousand ways to escape a DB insert, object oriented is even further behind in adoption than Perl (there’s actually tons of pretty clean oo Perl code, on CPAN), doesn’t play well with apache2.

Oh but it’s popular. Yes, it’s very easy to find PHP programmers. You know, it’s also pretty easy to find JavaScript programmers! COBOL was apparently pretty hot at one point.

It’s not that I have anything against PHP. I mean, people seem to get sh*t done with it. And they’re not all friggin frigtards. Even 37 signals built their website in PHP and those guys are supposed to be the bees knees.

But… PHP is industrial strength, Python is halfway there, and Perl is ass?

Yes. Also: Toyota can be deeded to your grandkids, but Honda will explode before you drive it home; Heath tastes totally incredible and Skor will make you vomit.

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