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4. One of my friends works in a software development house who has an NT server farm that needs to have close to 100% uptime and operationality. Needless to say, they have top-of-the-class admins, and also make use of scripting, the command line, command automation, etc. a lot. Most NT sys admins don't know anything about the NT command line, much less about scripting and automation.

Welcome to the real world with *real* MS sysadmins. Those who script, automate, write code, know a thing or two about security and the underlying technology. You know… professionals.

Please, please, do not tag those other "MCSE wannabes" with "Systems Administrator" title. People that hardly know how to administer couple servers and dozen workstations in my world are hardly called "operators" (and the same stands in Linux world)

"operators". It's been a long time since I saw this word used anywhere. In fact, I think the first and only time I saw it so far was in the story "The Bastard Operator from Hell". (which is a highly recommended read).

But we need a common word for both sys-admins and "operators".

Author Shlomi Fish and Guy Teverovsky
Work Linux-IL: "Re: Cost-Efficiency of Unix and Windows Admins"