Discussing living with one’s parents on IRC. - Fortune

Discussing living with one’s parents on IRC.

rindolf mofino: I have some money, and am living and am supported by my parents.
rindolf mofino: there’s much less of a taboo against living withone parents after school in Israel, than there is in the States.
mofino It’s not taboo
mofino It’s pathetic.
mofino Although, sometimes life sucks, and you have no choice.
q[ender] you know, it depends
q[ender] if you’re not married and / or not getting any, it doesn’t much matter if you live with your folks
mofino ender, usually when you have self-respect, you try and you know, make it on your own
rindolf q[ender]: are you married and not getting any? You could live with your parents.
q[ender] hahaha
mofino haha
q[ender] awesome
q[ender] rindolf++ # good burn!
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